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Nickle City Classics

Custom Craft Boats

1961 Manta Ray "Stray Cat" 1961 Manta Ray "Stray Cat" In the WIsconsin Woods 124750754 Lawn Planter Look 124750756 Original windshield and moldings 124750648 Transum Solid as a Rock 124750749 From the woods to Chad's 124750757 Euuuu Green Slime 124750758 Stock Transum light 124750750 Right side deck Damage 124750751 Just got home RS 124750752 Just got home LS 124750753 Tree Sap gone and its red 124927427 Rear seat area 124927430 Front seat braces are pretty gone 124927431 Clean except for the stains 124927428 This side cleaned up pretty good 124927429 Looking like a boat again 124927426 Windshield on 124927425 My Good side lol Remember what it looked like when I got it. 124927432